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Hair care practices can significantly impact colour retention after dyeing your hair. Proper hair care is essential to maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your hair colour. Here are some key factors affecting colour retention:

 Shampooing frequency: The more frequently you shampoo your hair, the faster the colour will fade. Shampooing strips away some of the colour molecules, especially with semi-permanent dyes. Consider using a colour-safe or sulphate-free shampoo to minimize colour loss.

Colour-safe products: Using hair care products specifically designed for coloured hair can help preserve the colour.

Avoid harsh ingredients: Hair care products with harsh ingredients, like sulphates and alcohol, can be damaging to coloured hair. They can strip away the colour and cause dryness, leading to faster colour fading.

UV protection: Exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause colour fading and damage to the hair. Consider wearing hats or using hair products with UV protection when spending time outdoors.

Heat styling: Excessive heat styling, such as using flat irons and curling irons, can weaken the hair and make it more porous, leading to quicker colour fading. Use heat protectant sprays before styling to minimize damage.

Chemical treatments: Avoid overlapping chemical treatments on already coloured hair. Multiple chemical processes can weaken the hair and result in uneven colour retention.

Deep conditioning: Regular deep conditioning treatments can help keep the hair hydrated and improve colour retention. Moisturized hair is less likely to lose colour quickly. BEVISIBLE REPAIR SYSTEM will maintain, restore and nourish your hair deeply into the hair fibre.

Avoiding chlorine and saltwater: Chlorine in swimming pools and salt water can be harsh on coloured hair, causing the colour to fade faster. Wear a swim cap or rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water before swimming to reduce exposure. As an excellent option, you can use SUN TREATMENT FOR HAIR BY BEVISIBLE . This product PROTECT YOUR HAIR  REPAIRS AND NOURISHES FROM SUN, SALT, SAND AND CHLORINE.

Touch-ups and maintenance: For semi-permanent dyes, periodic colour touch-ups can help maintain the colour’s vibrancy. Consult with our expert on the best schedule for touch-ups based on your hair growth and colour fade.

Hair porosity: Hair with high porosity tends to absorb and release colour more quickly than low-porosity hair. Understanding your hair’s porosity can help you adjust your hair care routine accordingly.


By adopting a colour-friendly hair care routine and being mindful of your hair’s specific needs, you can help prolong the life of your hair colour and keep it looking vibrant for a more extended period. Regular trims to remove split ends and overall hair health also contribute to maintaining beautiful, long-lasting colours.

What shampoo is recommended to use after colour?


POST COLOR LINE, POST COLOR SHAMPOO AND MASK composed of shampoo and mask, is enriched with Seaweed Extract and suggested for coloured, bleached and treated hair. It nourishes and protects hair and also helps to keep the vibrancy of the colour.

Seaweed is a pretty powerful ingredient that helps protect and moisturize your hair. Seaweed contains valuable nutrients and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C, and E, amino acids, and antioxidants, which can repair hair and help moisturize.


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