Size: BOTTLE – 1000 – 250 – 125 m

LUMINA SHAMPOO cleanses and nourishes your hair, making it soft and silky. Enriched with Silk extracts and Maracuja oil, for a long lasting brightness effect.

LUMINA ACTIVATOR carries a complex of ingredients useful for hair lamination. Enriched with Tiaré extract and Prunus Dulcis oil for an intense nourishing, emollient and illuminating action.

LUMINA NEUTRALIZER is an acidifying & sealing spray with a shiny e­ect. It performs an intense nourishing and restructuring action thanks to hydrolyzed silk & keratin complex, activating an instant hair lamination with a heat source (hairdryer/straightener). The ingredients of vegetable origin e­ectively protect the hair from the heat of the hairdryer/straightener, as well as from atmospheric agents. Main elements:

  • Silk Extract– Illuminating & Hydrating Action
  • Maracuja Oil– Elasticizing & Anti-Age Action
  • Tiare Extract– Nourishing & Restructuring Action
  • Prunus Dulcis– Laminating & Emollient Action

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