BOTO-RECO-Plex Mask Jolly


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BOTO-RECO-Plex Mask Jolly

Size Bottle: 250 ml


The unique Boto Reco Plex Jolly- hair mask is an innovative product for intensive hair restoration and care.

A unique formula enriched with Botox effect ingredients and Plex technology that act on hair, making it stronger, more elastic and shiny.

The mask helps restore damaged areas of hair, using its structure, fragility and split ends.

It also helps to hydrate your hair, making it softer and silkier to the touch.

The unique  Boto Reco Plex mask penetrates deeply into the hair structure, filling it with key components.

It helps restore the inner layers of hair, giving it a healthy appearance.

Regular use of the mask improves the overall condition of the hair, giving it strength, volume and vibrant shine.

Keratin – restores the structure of damaged hair, It forms a protective barrier around the hair, helping to maintain its strength, elasticity, and integrity.

Plex molecules – regenerate, moisturize and protect hair from harmful external factors.

Cashmere extract – has a conditioning effect on the hair, helping to soften and smooth the hair cuticle. It improves the texture of the hair, making it feel silkier, softer, and more luxurious to the touch.

Hyaluronic acid – intensively moisturizes and retains moisture in the hair, thoroughly enveloping it.

KERATINRevives the hair structure, increasing volume.

PLEX MOLECULERevives, hydrates, and safeguards hair from external detrimental elements.

CASHEMIRE- Boosts hair’s elasticity while giving it shine and smoothness.

HYALURONIC ACID Hydrates preserves moisture, and enhances volume for thin hair.

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  1. Shampoo hair twice with BOTO RECO PLEX Shampoo.
  2. Apply Mask BOTO RECO PLEX Mask for 10-15 min
  3. Rinse well with water.
  4. Towel dry the hair and spray evenly BOTO RECO PLEX –  Thermo-Protection Spray (Don’t rinse)
  5. Blow dry hair.


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