BALAJE’ Direct Coloring


This product is not for Domestic use and can be purchased only by Certified Businesses.

BALAJE’ Direct Coloring

Number of Nuances: 9
Size: TUBE – 100 ml
Mix Ratio (PURE)

BALAJE’ DIRECT COLORING is the revolutionary system of direct colouring born from the experience of WeHair Professional laboratories. Ultra-refined pure pigments with high concentration, extremely transversal use for:

  • create an incredible variety of products and services
  • customize the technical services in the salon according to customer needs
  • preserve at the same time the health of the hair.

A range of 9 shades to use pure or mixed with each other, to create infinite shades of colour and give space to the creativity of hairdressers, without the use of oxidizing cream and in an extremely short time.
Its formula Ammonia – PPD – Resorcinol FREE has been specially designed to allow utilized in various forms:
pure, diluted with water, and added to products such as shampoos and/ or masks.

Warnings: Balaje Direct Coloring is not designed to cover white hair, nor to be mixed with oxidation colors. Contact with oxidation staining or discolouration alters the final colour result. The Balaje Direct Coloring system enables a variety of technical services.

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